Azure Thames Valley is a group for anyone interested in Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform and Services.

We aim to provide the whole Microsoft Azure community, whatever their level, with a regular meeting place to share knowledge, ideas, experiences, real-life problems, best working practices and many more from their own past experiences.

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The security function in most development environments is broken. With engineers focused on features and devops allowing them to move rapidly and self-provision around their own hurdles, it’s impossible for reactive, traditional security tools to keep up with an ever changing production environment. Even with a security engineer within the team, the chance of catching every bad-default in Terraform, an accidental ‘False’ that needed to be true in ARM, or hidden * in a wide-open access policy is next to impossible with the ever growing suite of cloud services. In this talk, we’ll show how, (with very little effort) to shift security left into code, enabling automated scanning and highlighting of security risks at build time, with helpful remediation advice for all. Knowing is the first step to improving, and automation makes knowing easy. You bring your CI pipeline, we’ll show you how.

Further details, coming soon!

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Hybrid Azure Management

Increasingly organisations are looking at expanding their environments across multiple platforms, which can make management of your servers and workloads more complex. In this session I will talk about how tools such as Windows Admin Centre, Azure Arc, Azure Update Management can help you manage those environments as well as talk about some tools you can use Azure to extend your on prem capabilities

Azure Thames Valley Cloud Skills Challenge

We have a great #learning opportunity for you! We’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring the Cloud Skills Challenge to Azure Thames Valley! Prizes & Exam Opportunities available!

Security & Compliance: Core Concepts Explained

Everyone has heard the term “Security & Compliance” but how many of us understand what it actually means? In this session, Alan will explain the concepts by relating back to risks and scenarios to illustrate what they mean to you and your organisation.

The Azure Storage Minefield

Storage in Azure is a minefield. There’s queues, files, blobs, tables. Then there is hot, cold, archive, standard, premium, ultra. Storage can be version 1 or version 2 and a ‘blob’ storage account doesn’t even allow you to store all types of blob! The different options have different prices, performance, and availability. So having knowledge of how all of these storage options work, along with their limitations, will ensure that you choose the right platform, for the right data.

Security in an age of Collaboration & Azure Authentication

A lightning talk on Azure Authentication and Security in an age of Collaboration by Alan Eardley

Azure Monitoring & Azure DevOps

A look into Azure Monitoring solutions, with Clive Watson and Release Pipeline with Azure DevOps…No Problem!!! by Riccardo Pomato

Monitoring and Tuning Azure SQL DB & Azure Tags, Runbooks and Flow

A lightning talk on Azure Tags, Runbooks and Flow = VM control with Slack by Nigel Tatschner and Monitor and Tune your Azure SQL DB with Intelligent features by Manish Kumar

Azure Containers & Cost Efficiency

Getting Started with Containers in Azure by Mark Heath and Azure Cost Efficiency: Where did my money go? by Richard Conway